it all started when

Pam and Sarah were both working for Potomac Vegetable Farms, one of the oldest diversified vegetable growers in the Washington DC area, when the idea for Gathering Springs sprouted. They wanted to create a place where the food was the means to the end of meeting people, creating community, and sharing in good health.

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Pamela Jones

Pam came to farming by way of athletics - as a professional rower, she competed in the Paralympics for Great Britain in both the London and Rio games. While she trained, she noticed the difference that good nutrition made for her performance in the boat, and started becoming interested in how to get the highest quality food.

In 2017, Pam and husband Rob Jones bought a 13-acre plot of land to build a house in Loudoun county, and Gathering Springs Farm had a home. Pam’s hobbies include making kombucha, knitting, and she also works to support veterans as the Manager of Marketing at the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes.

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Sarah Waybright

Sarah is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for good food, and started blogging and hosting healthy dinner parties with her brand WhyFoodWorks in 2012. She works with clients to identify food sensitivities, and helps them develop meal plans and eating patterns to feel their best using the LEAP program.

Growing up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, Sarah didn’t plan to go into farming until she’d had enough of city life in DC, and now lives in Virginia with husband David. She makes pottery and loves to practice yoga, kickboxing, and rock climbing.